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Noddle aims to offer you the best interest rate it can for you3, based on your individual financial circumstances and needs.

Its Fintech platform manages your application in real time to help speed through the process, collecting information, assessing your application, and looking for the best loan offer it is able to deliver you, either directly or through its lending partners - saving you time, stress and effort along the way.

If your application can be completed, 100% electronically it will be, if more information is needed (in the minority of cases), an Australian based customer service agent assigned to your application will personally make contact and make further enquiries with you.

Noddle understands that everyone has a unique set of circumstances, and its lending algorithm processes the information provided, covering thousands of data points along the way, to find the right loan product at the best rate for you.

Through a combination of the latest fintech and adding its customer orientated service agents, Noddle helps Australian borrowers like you, obtain finance for a much needed personal loan in as fast and simple way as possible at the best rate it can provide.

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Why Choose Noddle?

Noddle has designed and operates a technology platform that allows it to stand apart from other lenders. Its 100% online , 24/7 application process is designed to optimise the decisioning process for you, with the majority of applications processed in real time. If a customer service agent needs to make contact with you as an applicant, its Australian team is available seven days a week during normal office hours. Every applicant's details are maintained and available for immediate access by the Noddle customer service team, meaning that once we have identified a caller into our call centre, all loan application details and an up to date position of the loan application is at hand to support the ongoing application process.

  • Save Time Comparing Lenders & Loan Rates
  • Get The Best Rate We Can for You3
  • Fast & Friendly Application Process
  • Fast Loan Decisioning 24/7
  • Loan Funding in 60 Seconds After Approval Contract2
  • Friendly Australia Based Customer Service Agents

The Noddle Team

Noddle was formed by Tim and the team, to give borrowers 'the Nod' for their personal loan requirements.

As with everything at Noddle, it’s all about transparency, so below you will find a profile on our founder, their picture and even their LinkedIn Profile.

Tim - Noddle Co-founder

Tim K Dean

Noddle Founder

Tim K Dean is an expert in the field of digital finance and digital finance marketing. As founder, adviser, investor and mentor he operates in both Australian and European markets.

I started out in the digital lending business in the UK, looking after a digital lender that was one of the early leaders in complete online lending. We processed over 100,000 application a month and in the years since I have worked with some amazing companies in the digital finance space, which makes me super excited to be leading the Noddle team.

I have also been privileged to serve as a board member on the Fintech Industries peak body, Fintech Australia, and have seen first hand how the Fintech industry has emerged to lead the world in its adoption of technology for lending and consumer support.

Outside of Noddle, I sit on a number of boards, in the Fintech space, across both commercial lending and social lending and these insight have been invaluable in the creation of Noddle

Our leading technology is supported by a team of client managers that help our clients work through their application.

So real technology, real people and real outcomes is our policy. We aim to give " the Nod " wherever possible, with the hope that many customers will come to use our financial support for many years, covering the many stages in their financial journey and that is just how it should be.

Learn More: Tim on Linkedin

What is Noddle?

Noddle aims to become Australians favourite lender for personal loans, through its advanced technology and integrated customer support team. If we can “ give the Nod “ to a loan application we will, in as short a time as possible, and at the best rate we can offer an applicant3 based on their financial circumstances.

So Noddle is about a positive outcome where possible, and getting the nod can lead to an ongoing relationship with a lender wanting to support you by providing the loan you are looking.

Noddle is about transparency, if we can help you , we will, if we need more information , we will ask for it, if we feel that we cannot provide access to a loan product that is suitable, we will tell you.

Who should use Noddle?

Any Australian looking for a personal loan should apply for a loan through Noddle. We recognise that one size does not fit all and we will assess every application on its own merits, utilising our advanced fintech loan application platform to optimise your application experience.

As long as you are over 18, are an Australian resident, you can apply to Noddle for a personal loan.

How long will the application take to complete?

Everyone is different but on average, our customers can complete their applications quickly, within 6 to 12 minutes on average.

What information do I need to provide?

Our application process starts with basic information about you, such as your name and residential address and the best means to contact you via email and SMS. We ask for permission to access your bank transaction data, typically data from the last 90 days and that is all you need to provide us, to get an application stated. If a vehicle is involved, we will ask about that, if you have recently changed jobs, we may ask about that, and if there is anything we need to clarify or seek more information on, then we will ask you, or not, depending on the loan sought and the information provided.

  • Personal Details
  • Employment and Income Details
  • Your Expenses and Financial Commitments
  • Vehicle Used as Security - Optional
  • Digital Copy of Your 90 Days Bank Statements

Why do you need my bank statements?

It is any lenders legal responsibility to properly asses an applicant's suitability for a loan and at Noddle we take that responsibility very seriously. The good news is that we have developed sophisticated data analytic techniques and assessment algorithms that mean that we can take the information from an applicants bank transactions over the last 90 days, and incorporate that into our loan application assessment process to take the heavy lifting out of the loan application process.

What is my best rate?

At Noddle we offer the best rate of intertest that an applicant can be offered through our loan assessment decisioning process3. We take into account your credit worthiness, your personal financial circumstances, and use additional data from bank statements, and credit bureaus. Noddle's loan application process will ask for all the relevant information we need to offer you the best rate that we can offer you3 based on your idividual circumstances and financial information.

  • Our lowest rate is 8.69% p.a. comparison rate 12.05% p.a.

How can I get the best rate personal loan?

If you ask us at Noddle, what you can do to get the best rate possible from us, then we would say that by giving us as much financial information as possible, will enable us to make a better-informed credit assessment of your loan application. In most cases this process is 100% online, however in certain circumstances a Noddle customer service agent will seek clarification from an applicant, and this will generally be communicated by email, with a respond form provided to ensure the information is dealt with as efficiently as possible.

  • Our lowest rate is 8.69% p.a. comparison rate 12.05% p.a.

How can I contact Noddle?

Please see our Contact Us page for more details or see below.

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Call UsCall Us during office hours. 1300 574 719

Write to UsWrite to Us. If you need to write to us, our mailing address is below:

Noddle, Level 1, 349 Coronation Drive, Milton QLD 4064

60 Minute Loan Decisions

1 60 Minute Loan Decisioning and Approvals are an average, to be used as a guide for a typical customer and are not guaranteed. 60 Minute Loan Decisioning and Approvals are not available when applicants apply outside of our normal business hours of 8am till 4pm Monday to Thursday, 8am till 12 noon on Fridays and Saturdays AEST or public holidays.

Loans Paid Out in 60 Seconds

2 It is possible to have your funds sent to your bank account in 60 seconds, if you have a New Payment Platform enalbled (NPP-enabled) bank account. A large number of Australian banks use NPP including ANZ, Bendingo Bank, Bankwest, Bank of Melbourne, Commonwealth Bank, Citigroup, HSBC, ING, NAB, St.George and more. Check whether your financial institution is NPP-enabled.

Best Loan Rate for You

3 Noddle does not have one fixed loan rate which it uses for all customers and loan applications, but will offer tailored loan rates depending on your individual circumstances and financial profile, as reviewed, during your credit assessment. Noddle will work to offer our best loan rate we can give the customer. If we can't assist a customer at our best rate, we will review the application against the next tier and rate until we find a match for the customer. This allows us to say 'yes' and give more customers 'the nod' with Noddle.

If Noddle is unable to assist with a loan directly, we may refer the application to a third party panel of lenders to 'get the nod'.